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April 12th, 2018

Your needs are different for each reason you need storage. If you are moving and will be storing for an extended time, but just packing it in and leaving it. You can probably get away with a smaller unit. If you are moving things in, out and around while storing. A little larger might be Read more…

We Feature the Following Packing & Moving Supplies :

February 13th, 2018

Here at Ajo-Kinney Super Storage we offer packing and moving supplies to make your storage easy! We offer the following supplies: Locks Bubble Wrap Packing Tape Boxes Box Knife Gloves Mattress Bags Stretch Cords Stretch Wrap Rope Oil Drip Pan Dust Covers Cable Ties Bubble Envelopes (small & large) Cloth Tape LED keychain Dish Kit Read more…

Got Clutter?

September 20th, 2017

Getting stressed out from looking at all that “Stuff” crowding your garage or extra room, the room that’s not really serving as that extra room? It seems so easy to accumulate that clutter, but we don’t have the time to go through it all.  Now that we’ll soon be approaching the Holiday Season, maybe it’s Read more…

How to Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

September 12th, 2017

How do you store a mattress in storage?  We get this question a lot & thought we would share a few tips. First, it is best to store your mattress in a climate controlled unit.  These units will have less dust and moisture in the air that can cause damage to your mattress.  Your will need Read more…

Climate Controlled units available

June 27th, 2017

    As we all know, the Arizona heat is not very forgiving.   When it comes to storing your sensitive items, consider our climate controlled self storage units.  These units will keep your items stored at a comfortable temperature. Right now we have 2 different sizes available to rent in our climate controlled buildings. Read more…