How to Store a Mattress in a Storage Unit

September 12th, 2017

How do you store a mattress in storage?  We get this question a lot & thought we would share a few tips.

First, it is best to store your mattress in a climate controlled unit.  These units will have less dust and moisture in the air that can cause damage to your mattress.  Your will need to clean your mattress before you store it. You can clean your mattress with a vacuum and upholstery cleaner or a steam cleaner.  Make sure you wait a few days after cleaning to store your mattress. You want to make sure it is completely dry so mold or bacteria does not form.

After you know your mattress is completely dry, cover your mattress to protect against dust, bugs or rodents. You can use mattress bags that you can buy here at Ajo-Kinney or most hardware stores carry them.

You will want to store your mattress flat on the ground, with nothing on top of it. This consumes a lot of space in a unit so if you pack your unit at an even & reasonable height you can place your mattress on top of boxes or other items. Make sure you do not put any pressure on the springs of the mattress. Storing your mattress in an upright position causes the springs to tilt and it puts pressure on them. This will cause damage your mattress. Also, do not store items on top of your mattress, this will cause damage to your springs & mattress as well.

When you take your mattress out of storage you will want to clean it again and use baking soda to freshen it up. If you cleaned it before you put it in storage you can just use baking soda & vacuum after it sits for a bit & you are good to go.